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Hiding or Hidden

By Jim Sim on August 15th, 2017

When I was a kid I would choose running or hide under the covers if it was at night in the house.  REALLY? Hide under the covers?   As if that would stop a bear, a...

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About Real Freedom

Real Freedom workshops and resources by The Liberty Project include topics that focus on God’s desire to help us relate to Him more freely, honestly, and meaningfully.

Real Freedom content also helps us discover some core reasons that can keep our lives stifled, and unable to encounter God in our day to day lives. These core reasons are not often obvious but can lead us into addictions, hurtful relationships, depression, poor decision making, and other negative life issues.

God wants to bring you liberty from those hindrances, and lead you to enjoy real freedom, in a genuine relationship with Him. Real Freedom events and content will help you discover that.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free'

Shaken and Stirred - Out Now!


Shaken and Stirred

Have you ever had the shakes from the flu or any other reason? It's not funny is it?


It's your body trying to regulate temperature when you've got an infection or virus. Sometimes the shakes are a good thing. 


That’s what this book is about; the various times in life when we feel shaken and perhaps shaken too hard. Sometimes God is going to shake you and it might not be very funny, but it will help you find peace in troubled times.

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