One of my favorite characters is Donkey from the movie Shrek.  And at one point he sings a song, trying to illicit sympathy and manipulate Shrek into being his friend.  The words go something like this,  ‘I’m all alone, there’s  no-one here beside me, all alone, no one to deride me….’

Kids movies made by Disney, Warner Bros etc often have a strong theme containing a particular ‘moral to the story’.  They are good at making a point and great references at times for us to teach values to our children while reminding ourselves about what is important.

There aren’t that many people who like to be alone, (I can hear the introverts saying ‘I do’.) constantly, repeatedly, often. Even though alone time is good and healthy, which is called solitude, that is vastly different from isolation, whether forced on you or chosen.

Having been created by a relational and personal God in his image, we long for connection and others.  

Even introverts I assume, would hate a world where there was no one but them, not even an animal, just them?  I could be wrong there but since we were made to be like God who likes people, I lean towards believing that even the soloists among us need some time with others.

Here is a paradox though; we are indeed “all alone” on planet earth, even though we’re not.

I saw a comedian Lewis CK talk about this in relation to modern social media and our constant status updating etc, as a need to cover up that deep awareness that we have inside, that we are indeed all alone, every last one of us.

It is true that from the moment we leave the womb, we are no longer attached but independent, even if dependent on parents for a while, we will eventually have to set sail on our own.   The reality of that is hard to face at times and harder for some than for others, hence the electronic chatting etc. as only one way of avoiding this reality.

God made us as soloists, individuals, unique persons, capable, and strong, yet we are dependent, partners, alike, in need, and weak; another paradox, so that we would search out something that He wants to show us.

Our material world always points to something more spiritual, and the desire to be connected is one such example.  

We may be alone as an individual, unattached to anyone or anything, without a dependable partner, friend, spouse, sibling, or parent, but we need never be lonely.

Alone and lonely are not the same.

Try being in a busy vibrant group where no one talks to you; you’re not alone but you are lonely.

The other side of that is that you may be feeling lonely but you are not really alone, here is an amazing comment by Jesus,….”surely I am with you always, even to the end of the age”.  And how about this, ” He is Immanuel, God with us”.

Wherever you are, whoever you are with or without, Jesus is near, close, available, listening, speaking, laughing, smiling, helping, understanding, empowering, aiding, leading, and in the words of Oswald Chambers “

I have found God to be altogether cordial and good company”.

You are all alone, yet you are not.

“I will never leave you or forsake you” – God.

Here is a prayer to help:  

“Thank you Father that you are near to me, and you never pull away.  
Forgive me when I have pulled away from you and ignored you.  
Even then, you have never abandoned me, or left me alone.  

I choose you again as my closest companion.” 

Grace be upon you.