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Video Blogs


Each of the titles on this page contain a short series of
2-3 minute video blogs.


To inspire and encourage.

Another Kind of Faith - Fear

Total Videos: 8

Fear hides deep and is subtle in its control of our decisions and choices. It poses as 'another kind of faith' and it will help you create the very thing you fear most and multiply its power to dominate you. Fear must be exposed and defeated.

Shaken And Stirred

Total Videos: 8

At various times in life we feel shaken and perhaps shaken too hard. Sometimes God is going to shake you and He’s going to stir you and you might not like it, but.....

Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome

Total Videos: 9

Through using the story of the historical nation of Israel and their escape from Egyptian slavery as a metaphor for present day personal spiritual life, Jim illuminates principles common to us all that can help us overcome negative lifestyles, behaviors, habits and relationships, that often keep us from a full and vigorous spiritual life.

The Unknown Known

Total Videos: 3

You can be smart and not know what you need to know. Saul of Tarsus had this discussion with all the brainiacs of his day, who had an inscription to "an unknown god". This series helps us to 'know" who God really is.

Real Freedom Trailers

Total Videos: 4

Introducing the content of Real Freedom Workshops. Topics are; Hearing God, Partnering with God, Life Change That Lasts, and more...