Flowers are abundant in the area of Panama which has been my home since 2014. They are ridiculously colorful.  So colorful that my daughter Whitney mentioned that the colors were so lucid they looked digitally enhanced. 

In fact it is sometimes hard to tell in certain places if they are real or fake.  (If they are in a field it helps).

On that note, I am writing a journal entry I wrote that got me thinking about the power of the flower!

Journal Entry:

To ‘feel’ alive by emotion, will or logic, (a soulish life),  is a synthetic life, a mutation that appears real, but is in fact like a plastic flower, it gives no real life and cannot reproduce or engage or connect with the world around it except in a minimally superficial fashion.

You can look at a plastic flower but there is no fragrance or pollen or interaction with nature. No bees, or connectedness to others.

The person viewing the flower has a limited sensory experience, but the flower receives nothing and imparts a partial, minute contribution in comparison to the real-world flower; full of life and possessing it’s God created faculties, spreading life around about it and from within it.

So it is with you.

Synthetic souls give very little and receive nothing.

In fact they give only what the viewer wants to believe is enough to please them, based on the knowledge that it’s almost like the real thing, and if I can’t have real I’ll take this as a second best. A plastic flower can still be quite nice.  But it is lame compared to the real thing.

You know the real exists and is better.

“Your experiences that make you ‘feel’ good in your soul, are only meant to be where your real spirit life is revealed, it is not to intended to be your source of life, or the goal of life.

Your soul is where the color, shape, sound, and smell reveal your distinctness to the world around you, revealing how your spirit is.  It is not your source of real life, only the animation of the degree that you are led by your spirit and live from where God communes with you.

In Christ, the real can be attained, so there is no need to settle for a copy that gives no life.

‘The spirit gives life, the flesh counts for nothing’.  

Don’t settle for synthetics.

Grace be upon you.