When I was a kid I would choose running or hide under the covers if it was at night in the house.  REALLY? Hide under the covers?  

As if that would stop a bear, a monster, or otherwise.  You’ve seen it done and maybe done it yourself; hiding under the covers when afraid as if that keeps you safe, or gets you unnoticed, or helps you be in denial.

And there it is: – Pointless hiding.

Pointless hiding is a pastime of many Christian people, a substitute of fear instead of faith that we are ‘hidden with Christ in God’.  Col.3:3

Hiding and hidden are not the same.

Hiding is a manifestation of fear, unbelief, and denial.  It says that I have to be my own protector and fails to face up to reality. It runs, pretends, covers, and hopes for the best.

It is based on nothing tangible.  

Hiding looks like amassing resources, quitting when you should keep going, complaining constantly and gathering complainers around you to reinforce the idea that everyone who doesn’t live how you live are the problem with the world. Instead of running to the hurt, the dark, the broken, the angry, the hateful, and being a light to them, a salt in the earth, a beacon of hope for the future.

When our lives our hidden in Christ, we can run to the dark, and help those who are not like us, (even hate us) because my life, my peace, my love, my joy, and my confidence of a good future are all tucked away, securely hidden in Him, and no-one or no-thing can snatch us from His hand.

Not one thing!

Hiding is what Adam and Eve did when they felt ashamed of their nakedness after they had rebelled against God. The Christian has no such shame, but a grace covering him that empowers him to run to the Father, and also to others.  

Our sin isn’t hidden, it has been exterminated by Jesus’ blood.

Therefore our lives are safe and sound; not in denial, pretense, or false optimism but because Jesus has hidden us with himself in God. “The Lord is the stronghold of my life”. Ps.27:1

If you have been afraid, and it has led to hiding, bring that fear out from behind your fig leaf, present it to Jesus and come into the light, because “in him there is no darkness at all”, Jn.1:5   and rest assured in the safest place in the world for your soul, ‘hidden with Christ in God”.

Ask Jesus to hide you today.