What Is Real Freedom?

Real Freedom is training provided by The Liberty Project in finding new experiences with God which help us to see and hear Him revealing and affirming our true identitiy in Christ as His children and heirs.  
This is provided through classes, one day workshops, retreats, published media, and personal coaching.  It begins with the following….

Learn To Hear God’s Voice

  • Energizing your prayers
  • Discovering a greater reality of the personal presence of Jesus
  • And connect with Him more consistently and joyfully

Discover How To Be A Partner With Godmountain-river-sunset-wallpaper-2

  • Advancing God’s will on the earth through your life, specifically
  • Increasing the effectiveness of your gifts & strengths
  • And find your personal worth & purpose on the earth

Uncover & Overcome Where You Are Stuck

  • To break the cycles of negative, and unhealthy habits
  • Experiencing the excitement of life change that lasts
  • And gain strength to establish new and healthy life patterns

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