What is a Real Freedom Retreat?

“…Jesus went up a mountain by himself to pray.”

  • A dedicated time of physical and spiritual refreshing, renewal, and prophetic encouragement
  • As short as 4 days or as long as a month (Exceptions can be made for longer stays)
  • A combination of activities helping you to connect with God through prayer coaching, biblical instruction & meditation, and relational interactions in and around Boquete.
  • Friendship and communion: eating meals outdoors with beautiful vistas of the Chiriqui Highlands
  • Walk, talk, and meditate together in a fantastic climate in beautiful mountain and coastal scenery   

    There are more robust activities for those inclined:  

    ATV trails, horseback riding, canopy tours, birding, whitewater rafting, hike our local volcano etc.

Leadership Retreats. 

  • Pastors, Missionaries, church staff & ministry leaders
  • In North America alone, an average of 1,500 pastors and ministry leaders step down from their post each month!
  • A spiritual retreat can be of tremendous value to rejuvenate your calling and vision.

Young Adult Retreats

  • Small Groups of 3-6
  • “Millennials have a dim view of church. They are highly skeptical of religion. Yet they are still thirsty for transcendence.” Marian V. Liautaud
  • Looking for a time of strong & focused discipling, encouragement, spiritual coaching, and fun
  • Willing to volunteer, serve, and share love with some of the poorest of the poor

Prayer Retreats

  • If you have a love of “The Americas” and desire to spend some extended time to pray for a person, church, ministry, or nation in North, Central, or South America
  • We will partner with you in praying specifically for God’s will to be done, wherever he has given you personal influence  (at home, work, neighborhood or country)

The Liberty Project led by Jim & Sari Sim

is based in Boquete, in the highlands of tropical Panamá. 

Boquete is a beautiful and tranquil area which provides a break from our every day routines to take time to wonder again, meditate, and absorb the beauty of the life that God has given to us.

It is a truly spectacular place with stunning vistas of mountains, canyons, tropical birds, and perennial flowers of the most vivid colors, with a cultural mix of Panamanians, indigenous Ngäbe, & US expats.

Boquete is home to some of the worlds best coffee farms, (not an opinion – look it up) where you can do tours in the cloud forests of the Chiriqui Highlands, and it is only 90 minutes from Pacific beaches. 

A perfect location to retreat to enjoy praying, relaxing, and being encouraged by meeting with God.

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