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Shaken and Stirred – Out Now!


Shaken and StirredHave you ever had the shakes from the flu or any other reason? It’s not funny is it?

It’s your body trying to regulate temperature when you’ve got an infection or virus. Sometimes the shakes are a good thing. 

That’s what this book is about; the various times in life when we feel shaken and perhaps shaken too hard. Sometimes God is going to shake you and it might not be very funny, but it will help you find peace in troubled times.

Another Kind of Faith – Fear!


Fear hides deep and is subtle in its control of our decisions and choices, hiding behind the teeth of feigned strength and power. It is not as obvious as you may think, nor is it always barking and growling.

Fear in the human soul has many well camouflaged skins and stalks us constantly and quietly for a complete take over. It hides itself as another kind of faith and if you believe its doctrines and half-truths it will help you create the very thing you fear most and multiply its power to dominate and control you.

It must be exposed and defeated.

Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome

Through using the story of the historical nation of Israel and their escape from Egyptian slavery as a metaphor for present day personal spiritual life, Jim illuminates principles common to us all that can help us overcome negative lifestyles, behaviors, habits and relationships, that often keep us from a full and vigorous spiritual life.

This book will encourage and inspire you to open your heart to the great power of Christ, which can liberate you from everything that hinders you from knowing Him more and living His promise of life to the full.

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