Real Freedom workshops are one day events that follow on from our 5 Foundation classes.

The workshop topics build on what we learn and receive from God in those foundation classes.  The foundations give us new experiences with God which help us to see and hear Him revealing and affirming our true identity in Christ as His children and heirs.

The one-day workshop deepens those experiences and strengthens our souls for maturity, becoming committed, free, happy, and fulfilled disciples of Jesus.


5 foundation topics

Real Freedom
Changing The Way We See – Trailer  consciousness

Life Change That Lasts
It’s not about morals and behavior – Trailer

Hearing God 
What Language Does He Speak? – Trailer

Partnering With God
What is His part and what is mine?

Winning Life’s Battles.  – Trailer
The demonic, the world, the self.


Real Freedom Foundations

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(pre-requisite for one day workshop)
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